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Genre Defining

Luminair is the ultimate lighting control tool for live entertainment, film/tv production, architecture, and for anyone else who works with creative lighting. It's a full-featured lighting control platform, capable of controlling all DMX compliant gear including LED fixtures, conventional lighting, dimmers, media servers, and more, using any Art-Net or sACN to DMX interface.

Wireless Magic

Wireless connectivity allows you to be unchained from your gear. Luminair is built on top of open industry standards, and transmits DMX over Wi-Fi using Art-Net and/or sACN E1.31 protocols, so it's compatible with lots of existing DMX interfaces and other lighting gear.

Award Winning

Luminair has been tested and proven in the field, and is used daily by some of the world's most talented lighting professionals working in live-entertainment, film and TV production, and more. Strongly praised for it's ease of use, mobility and power, it's no wonder that Luminair won Live Design magazine's 2012 Lighting Control Product of the Year award.

Powerful UI

Luminair has a brilliant and refined user-interface, with powerful touch-optimized controls for working with individual channels, as well as multi-channel fixture profiles. Some of the highlights include wide fader controls, large trigger buttons, RGB and CMY color pickers, XY controls with accelerometer support, and easy touch-based channel assignment.

Universal App

The speed and capabilities of mobile devices are continuously accelerating at a rapid pace, and it's now possible to cram most of Luminair for iPad's capabilities into it's iPhone equivalent. So we've listened to your feedback. Luminair for iPad is now a universal app, capable of running on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch on iOS 6 or greater. An iPhone-only version of Luminair is also still available.

iCloud and Projects

Luminair has been created from the ground up to support iCloud syncing of projects files, fixture files, images, and all other app related data. This means it's possible to create your Luminair project on one device, say an iPad, and open and edit that project later on your iPhone, with core-feature compatibility between all device types.

Industry Standard

Luminair works with more DMX hardware than any other mobile lighting control app, thanks to it's support for open industry standards such as Art-Net and sACN E1.31. This makes it compatible with hardware like Enttec's ODE and most other network-based DMX interfaces, as well as other gear like Media Servers and VJ apps.

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Art-Net hardware from:
Plus many more. Luminair works with all Art-Net compliant gear.
sACN E1.31 hardware from:
Plus many more. Luminair works with all sACN compliant gear.
Timing FX

Mic + Inter-App Audio

It's party time. Luminair's new Sound Active mode can detect beats and trigger scene playback from the device's built-in microphone and other audio-input sources.

Luminair also supports Inter-App Audio on iOS 7, allowing you to control your light shows using popular 3rd-party apps like Algoriddim djay 2.

Tap Tempo

Tap to the beat with Luminair's new tempo playback control. Great for when you just want a steady rythym triggering scene changes and fades.

The tempo control has been designed to be really simple to update on the fly using the large tap pad or stepper controls.

Global Timing

It's now even easier to create dynamic scene changes like slow fades or chases. Luminair has always allowed you to apply a global fade time to scenes in a playback stack. But with the new Global Timing option, you can still set individual fade and hold times for each scene in your sequence, and turn Global timing on or off at the flick of a switch.

Smart Ready

One of the next logical steps in LED lighting control is the new generation of “smart” lighting systems. While these are mostly home-focused products, we think they can be utilized as design elements in things like film and TV production and architectural lighting, as well as by enthusiasts who'd like to mix and match different types of lights. So that’s why we’ve added support for Philips Hue in Luminair 2.5.

Create scenes, set up groups, with control over both Color Temperature and RGB levels, right alongside your DMX controlled lighting*. Also works with “Friends of Hue” LED Strips and Zigbee Light Link-capable Living Colors lamps.

*Hue lights do have some performance trade-offs when compared to DMX-controlled lights. Please see the following support document for more information.

Fixture Library

Luminair ships with a built-in library of basic fixture profiles for hundreds of popular moving lights, LED lights, VJ and media servers, and more.

If a fixture isn't already included in the built-in library, it's possible to create and save your own simple profiles within the app itself. It's also possible to share fixture profiles you've created via email, or AirDrop on iOS 7.

CoverFlow + Gestures

A full-screen CoverFlow view makes it easy for users to browse and trigger scenes in a completely visual manner. Navigate and trigger different lighting scenes, using simple multi-touch gestures.

For semi-permanent installations, like museums and other architectural venues, consider installing the iPad in an in-wall mount for centralized automation.

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Input monitor/recording

Luminair's Art-Net input universe allows DMX data to be displayed in realtime. Luminair also offers the capability of recording snapshots from the Art-Net input universe, directly to individual scenes. Useful for show backup, or for transferring looks from a full-size console.

Sharing + AirDrop

Luminair offers extensive sharing options for project files, fixture profiles, and any referenced images in your projects. Files can be shared via email and transferred using iTunes sharing or the built-in web server. Images can be shareD on Twitter and Facebook, and new in iOS 7 is AirDrop support.

It's also possible to add files to Luminair directly from any other app that supports the "Open In…" document feature.


LCompanion is a free Mac OS X app that allows you to build Luminair fixture files, and transfer project, fixture, and image files between your iOS devices and your Mac. It also allows you to receive Art-Net from Luminair, and send DMX out through an Enttec USB DMX interface.

Novice Friendly

Luminair has been praised for being easy to use for novices, like volunteers working in a venue. Once an initial project has been set up with lights patched, it's simple to pass off Luminair and have new users creating, adjusting and controlling scene playback within seconds. We've all been in a situation where someone else needs to control the lights, and there's no fear with Luminair.

External Control
(iPad only)

Looking for something to replace an old dusty console, but still prefer physical control over your lights? Well you're in luck. Luminair supports Core MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) input for various controls and actions. This allows you to map faders, knobs and buttons to trigger scene changes, change fader levels, playback and more. Luminair is compatible with all iOS-compliant MIDI interfaces and controllers, and Core MIDI support means you can use most bus-powered MIDI interfaces and controllers with Apple's USB Camera Connection Kit.

In addition, Luminair supports basic control of scene playback and other functions using external bluetooth keyboards on iOS 7 or greater.

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Tech Specs


  • One Output Universe
    (512 channels)
  • One Input Universe
    (512 channels)
  • Supported Protocols
    • Art-Net
    • sACN E1.31 (output only)
  • Works with all Art-Net and sACN E1.31 compliant DMX interfaces
  • Requires a familiarity with DMX

Smart Lights

  • Requires Philips Hue Starter Kit
  • See the following support document for details on limitations of Smart lights vs. DMX controllable gear
  • Also compatible with Philips "Friends of Hue" LightStrips and Bloom, as well as other Zigbee compatible Living Colours lamps, when connected to a Hue bridge
"Hue Personal Wireless Lighting" is a trademark owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., see for more information.


  • iPad required
  • Works with all Core-MIDI compliant iOS midi interfaces and controllers.
  • Works with Apple's USB Camera Connection Kit with external powered controllers and interfaces.
  • Works with MIDI over Wi-FI to other iOS devices and Macs using the RTP MIDI
  • MIDI Show Control (MSC) add-on available as a separate In-App purchase


  • Works with any Wi-Fi router or access point
  • For ultimate portability, we recommend Apple AirPort Express. See the following setup guide for configuring AirPort Express for Art-Net interfaces like the Enttec ODE


  • Compatible with any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 6 or greater. Some features require iOS 7 or iPad, where noted.
  • Optimized for retina displays and multi-core processors.
  • Supports background iOS multitasking when audio is enabled in your project.


Most common questions have been answered in the FAQ section of our Help Center.